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New art by the Gowanus Canal.


SH*T ROUGH DRAFTS Launch Party!!!

New York City. Tumblr and Chronicle Books invite you to the release party for the Shit Rough Drafts book!  

Featuring stories of shitty drafts by:

Ben Jurney (The Best of McSweeney’s Internet Tendency)

Melinda Taub (Author of Still Star-Crossed, contributor to The Onion News Network and Billy on the Street)

Andy Ross (The Onion News Network, MAD Magazine, host of Real Characters)

Bob Powers (Author of Happy Cruelty Day, The New Yorker, McSweeney’s, host of Steamboat)

And MC Tim Manley (author of Alice in Tumblr-land)

April 24th at Powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn

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Hi all! Sign up now for my latest webinar about self-editing and how to know what to cut among your glorious and not so glorious sentences. Watch the webinar live on Thursday, April 24th at 1pm EDT, or receive a recording of it later to watch whenever you want. But be sure to sign up for the LIVE webinar, because it comes with a critique of your first 500 words by yours truly. You have to sign up for the live webinar to receive the critique. Submission instructions come with your registration. Join me!


Have you considered the possibility that your best friend, neighbor, room mate, sibling or dear old parents might slip suddenly towards the macabre? Try your hand at the whimsical practice of super-villain phrenology; it’s our best testing method aside from testing their blood for phlogiston…

You will need access to a printing mechanism, shears, some adhesive paste and 5 uninterrupted minutes. I wish you the best of luck.



The Shit Rough Drafts book drops today, and the shelves are stocked with copies!!!

Go out and buy some, or order it here!

Love you Tumblr. Thanks for everything.


Happy book birthday to shitroughdrafts​, winner of the first annual Great Tumblr Book Search



Guys here is the new trailer for Shit Rough Drafts.

It features F. Scott Fitzgerald and his editor, Maxwell Perkins, fighting.

I promise you will like it. Watch it and share it.

Oh and Pre-order the Shit Rough Drafts book here!

GUYS. The book is out TOMORROW!


I’m a literary agent at the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency. You can find out how to submit your work to me under Submissions. I also teach classes in writing and publishing, and you can find out more under Classes. You can find out about my clients’ latest books on this Goodreads shelf, and there’s always something happening on my Twitter and Instagram. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Mine! Allllll mine!!!

When I was about eight or nine, I spent a lot of time in our finished basement playing Super Mario Bros. My father had a fancy stereo system that I was scared to touch, but I did know how to do one thing: turn on the 7″ reel-to-reel tape player and start the five Beatles albums he’d recorded on the big tapes that looked like filmstrips. I was obsessed with The Beatles, and it was bigger than any fear I had of potentially messing up the stereo and getting in trouble.

Kirkus loves MY BEST FRIEND, MAYBE by Caela Carter!

—“Emotionally rich characters make this an engaging drama that is as much about people finding places within their families as it is about the damage done by rigid adults to vulnerable kids.”

You should go preorder it now. Right now.