New Yorkers: this Sunday I am the artist-in-residence at Ace Hotel! Come by the lobby with your favorite book, and I’ll draw a portrait of you with your lil buddy. I’ll even let you dictate how you want your nose drawn.

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Twitter: The Comic (the Book) by @vectorbelly. Jokes illustrated, just for you.


I was walking through the stacks when I noticed a co-worker crouching down to put a book on a lower shelf. I saw a hand snake out from the bottom shelf behind her and place something silvery on the floor under her heel; then the hand disappeared. I quickly stepped over and stopped her from…

I can’t believe this is @eric_devine’s THIRD book! If you’re going to BEA, go grab PRESS PLAY on Friday, 2-3 at the @RP_Kids booth #1406!

I made a book bag! 👏👏😊😊 first full project on the #singerfeatherweight!

Twitter: The Comic (the book)— a real thing by @vectorbelly coming soon!

Who’s coming with me to @communitybkstr on Tuesday to make things with @jessicapigza??

The book fairy was very kind to me today. Yay @caelacarter and @kpwerker!!!


GUYS. I got to do some drafts for The Writer’s Room on SundanceTV.

They’re for House of Cards.

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When people think about a place, and they don’t find a place on a map, they think “This map sucks”. Or when people find a nice spot and it’s not in the guidebook, they think “Oooh, this place must be cool, it’s not in the guidebook”. But when they find a word that’s not in the dictionary, they think “This must be a bad word”. Why? It’s more likely to be a bad dictionary.
Erin McKean, lexicographer, in “Redefining the Dictionary”. (via allthingslinguistic)